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Henrik Søeborg og Heidi T. Holm

G. Nymann og H. Busk

&copy Voight


On June 4th, 2008 our precious queen "Smilla" was put to sleep at the vet.

During the last year she suffered from back problems and had difficulties in keeping up with the pack and keeping her status. In the end she also suffered from cancer that was spreading and we did not want her to go through any unnecessary pain or surgery.

Smilla was one of our first Siberian Huskies and it was a very difficult and tough
decision to make. She will always be in our hearts and memories for giving us
some of the best experiences ever



Born: 13. Feb.1996
Colour: Grey & white
Brown eyes
Height: 55 cm

HD: B1/B1
Eyes: clear (2001)

Titles/show results:
DKCH, NCH, INTCH, KBHV97+03, Nordv98+99+00, Euuv97, Nv97, SVv97+03, Nordv98-99-00, Leipzsg00, Berlsg98, Neumsg99, Klbv97-98.

Siberian Husky of the year 97+98+03
Siberian Husky-bitch of the year 1999
Siberian Husky-senior of the year 2003
Siberian Husky-veteran of the year 06+07
1 all breed Best In Show
Multible BIS + Group placements
Multible BOB's and BOS's

ch. Kontoki's Uh-Huh  ch. Kontoki's
Gibson Girl 
ch. Kontoki's
Kareem Of Wheat 
ch. Kontoki's Moonstruck  ch. Kontoki's
The Gospel Truth 
ch. Kontoki's
Tullamore Ala Mode 
ch. Kontoki's
One Mo' Time 
ch. Kontoki's Messy Bessie  ch. Kontoki's
A Mark In Time 
ch. Kontoki's Hot Lips  ch. Kontoki's
One Mo' Time 
ch. Kontoki's
Messy Bessie 
ch. Bobcat Even Up O'Innisfree  ch. Sekene's Bijou 


multich. Taymyrs Qtie Pie Of American Guy
ch. Taymyrs Queen Of Natural Sin
ch . Taymyrs Quest For Camelot
multich. Taymyrs R You Sirius
ch. Taymyrs Ray Of Light
Taymyrs Right Said Fred
Taymyrs Realplayer Dot DK
Taymyrs rules Of Engagement



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